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The power of water

Water is an inseparable component of classical feng shui. In some of the first Chinese scriptures you can find a phrase that translates as "Qi rides the wind and scatters, but is retained when encountering water."

What you should know about water

  1. The significance of water in feng shui is enormous and its contribution to the final assessment of a plot is profound.

  2. Water cannot be simply classified as H₂O. The forms in which it is present each have their own characteristic qualities and values. Depending on the shape and location of the water body on the plot, there are different possibilities of using it.

  3. There are several properties of water that are considered in feng shui. These include its clarity, shape, current, position in relation to the landscape and individual terrain features as well as in relation to the entrance door etc.

  1. Water carries energy. In some of its forms it transmits beneficial qi, while in others the effects are detrimental. Applied in the appropriate form, water bodies can support residents in achieving their goals and provide financial benefits. Water in the wrong place may lead to adverse results.

  2. The various forms of water bodies have different effects on different humans. The same arrangement of water can benefit one person but harm another.

  3. A water reservoir (e.g. a fountain or a large aquarium) does not always bring positive effects to a house or a room. Not every location favours the water formula.

  4. Water in feng shui represents wealth and symbolises the household's income and fortune collected over the years.