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Who is it for?

Who can benefit from a feng shui assessment?

Anyone. Everyone.

Persons who:
  • experience stagnation in their life, insufficient energy and health, a deficit of joy and harmony in their relationships with others;
  • want to achieve financial gains;
  • feel that their home is not a place that supports them in their life goals and tasks;
  • want to discover the potential of their house or apartment, i.e. what they can expect, what can or cannot be achieved.

Residents before purchasing/renting a house/apartment to learn about the potential of the residence including:
  • Will it support them in achieving their life goals and tasks?
  • Will it be beneficial to their health, family and interpersonal relationships?
  • Will they achieve financial gain here?

Investors searching for a plot for construction, whose surroundings will enhance the positive influence of a perfectly designed house.

Company owners who seek to:
  • increase the profitability of their enterprise and create the conditions to foster its rapid development,
  • improve the efficiency of their staff,
  • attract more customers.

Corporations before purchasing/renting a particular building or office to understand the possibilities—in that place—for the company's operations and its owner, including:
  • Will it allow the owner to meet the company's targets?
  • Will the owner benefit financially at this place?

Investors searching for a suitable plot to erect the company headquarters, which, together with its surroundings, can improve the profits achieved by the company.

Who uses feng shui assessments today?
  • individuals,
  • families,
  • various companies and their owners.