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Services offered

Feng shui is applied increasingly often in companies and enterprises operating in various industries. These consulting services are used by airlines, banks, law firms, telecoms, service companies, hotels, restaurants, retail networks etc.

Szan He provides the following services of authentic classical feng shui:
  • Expert assessment of existing and planned buildings/offices,
  • Pre-purchase/lease assessment of real estate as well as guidelines concerning room layout inside the building,
  • Assessments of plots intended for the construction of corporate headquarters,
  • Room layout planning (main entrance, owner's office, employee workstations, meeting rooms, financial department,
  • HR, marketing, administration),
  • Layout of individual rooms in the office,
  • Advice on actions to be carried out to ensure balance between the company headquarters and its surroundings,
  • Determining dates beneficial to launching renovation work, modifications and removals,
  • Guidelines on designing logos and business cards,
  • Presentations on classical feng shui.

Szan He also provides assistance in selecting the best dates for taking strategic steps such as establishing a company, starting business, organising events, signing contracts, entering into negotiations etc.