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Logos and business cards

Szan He provides assistance in designing logos and business cards in accordance with classical feng shui rules. Cooperation with a professional graphics designer is possible at the Customer's request.

A well-designed logo – which in itself is a sort of company showcase – should emphasize its business activity, attract customers' attention and correspond to its owner's element. It should also be simple, on target, and clear.

Why is it worthwhile to use feng shui when designing a logo?

Because it will de designed to meet the requirements mentioned above and fit in with the company's image and activity. This in turn will enhance the company's recognition, effectiveness, and ultimately financial performance.

The principal rules of classical feng shui that are applied when designing graphical symbols include:
  • Recognising the elements that correspond to the company's activity,
  • Relations between different elements,
  • Considering the owner's element,
  • The balance of yin and yang,
  • Shape symbolism,
  • The balance of shapes and colours.