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Feng shui for apartments

Initially feng shui was used to select the appropriate burial place, and later also to find a good place for settlement. The presence and influence of water and wind on agriculture and quality of life were of huge importance. Classical feng shui allows to draw the maximum benefits of one's own land, including the house and its surroundings. The scope of actions available for an apartment is, however, limited due to the lack of authority to shape and adapt the area around the flat to one's own requirements. Furthermore, the energy is shared with immediate neighbours. It may not be possible to provide an individual, private outdoor environment to all the residents of an apartment, although this is one of the key aspects in feng shui. Nevertheless, it is often possible to achieve a lot. The power of classical feng shui lies in the multitude of issues taken into account. Sometimes it may be enough to reorient a bed to dramatically improve your everyday spirit.

The main difference between feng shui of houses and that of apartments is the ability to use/modify the surroundings according to one's needs. The landscape (terrain, plants) is not only a bearer of natural energy, but also its source. It can both support and thwart residents.

The landscape surrounding the building with the apartment in question does of course matter, but its influence is smaller than in the case of houses as it does not directly affect the flat.

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