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What does an assessment involve?

  1. The Customer is required to provide the following details before our meeting:
    • Birth dates of all family members/residents,
    • A floor plan of the house/apartment,
    • Exact date of erection of the building,
    • Exact date of moving into the premises (settling in),
    • An overview of expectations.

  2. On-site meeting and measurement taking with a feng shui compass (luo pan) in the Customer's presence (0.5–1 hours):
    • Analysis of the building's surroundings (plot, landscape, neighbouring buildings, roads etc.),
    • Analysis of the building itself (its geographic orientation, shape, location, entrance direction, room layout),
    • Measurement of the location and direction of the house/apartment entrance; for detached houses additionally the location and direction of the gate,
    • Building analysis considering the residents' beneficial compass directions,
    • Analysis of the individual rooms' layout:
      • Most beneficial places to situate the bedroom, kitchen, study, toilet and other rooms (especially during the design phase),
      • Bedroom layout (including bed placement),
      • Kitchen layout (appliance layout, cooker position),
      • Study (including desk placement),
    • Discussion of the Customer's problems and expectations.

  3. Delivery of an in-depth analysis by e-mail, comprising a detailed report with change recommendations indicating how to remove possible detrimental factors in the house/apartment/surroundings and how to enhance the beneficial features.

  4. Discussion of the recommendations with respect to the Customer's original demands e.g. over the phone or during a personal meeting.

  5. Verification of the results, if desired by the Customer, after an agreed period.

What you should know

A classical feng shui assessment determines which actions should be taken to increase the life qi and ensure well-being. It allows creating a home that supports the life goals and tasks of the residents.

The feng shui report helps you to understand events that have taken place and assess the potential of the home in question. It provides insight into what the residents of the given house/apartment may expect, i.e. what can or cannot be achieved.

Moreover, it is possible to determine the most beneficial date of moving in, starting renovation or construction etc.

Considerations for apartments

You may sometimes be prevented from implementing specific recommendations because it may not be possible to:
  • Remove or relocate an external obstacle,
  • Modify the apartment if it is rented,
  • Use the power of water (such as a pond outside).


The price of an expert assessment is determined separately for every customer and depends on the following factors:
  • The building type in question as well as its complexity, number of rooms, area analysed, possibility to remodel its surroundings,
  • Number of residents concerned,
  • Diversity of aspects analysed.