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Feng shui potential for villas

Classical feng shui allows you to take the maximum benefit from the boon of a house and its surroundings. It enables you to use the various properties of the building itself as well as its environment. The following aspects are taken into account:
  • Space that can be used on every side of the building;
  • A large variety of landscape forms (plants, terrain shape, infrastructure etc.);
  • The possibility of:
    • Creating a close internal space,
    • Directing the flow of energy in the beneficial direction,
    • Eliminating or redirecting any external threat,
    • Reducing the penetration of noise from outside,
    • Using the power of the water (e.g. in the form of an external water reservoir),
    • Building a meandering footpath to the door,
    • Creating separate entrances for East and West group persons,
    • Aligning the front door with a different compass direction,
    • Relocating the sleeping room,
    • Introducing all recommendations with a greater freedom of action.

What is worth knowing:

  • According to classical feng shui, a house's surroundings have a determined impact on its occupants. Each side of the house should have an appropriate form.
    • The back is responsible for protecting the residents and provides support and stability.
    • The front is the future, the children and their character.
    • The left side governs finance, wealth and general prosperity.
    • The right represents power and authority.
  • Water is an essential part of feng shui. It has huge potential and significantly affects the feng shui of a property. The presence of water has various different properties depending on its form. When applied correctly, water forms can support the residents in their goals/actions and bring material gain. However, water in the wrong place can lead to serious trouble.
  • If you have a house, you can use a multitude of external landscape forms, including trees and bushes, to amplify the beneficial effects of feng shui.
  • The landscape (terrain, trees) not only conveys energy, but also creates it. It can assist or impede the residents. The sizes and shapes of the particular landforms are significant.
  • Implementing the recommendations from a feng shui assessment in the surroundings of a house often brings the desired results in a short time.

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