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Plots for construction

Feng shui potential when searching for a place to build a house

The best time to use the potential of classical feng shui is already when searching for a place to erect a house. You can then not only build a mansion ideally adapted to its residents, but also set it in the perfect landscape.

What is worth knowing when looking for a plot for construction:

Classical feng shui takes the following into account:
  • Terrain forms,
  • Type, colour and density of the earth,
  • The presence of water (including its properties and qualities: clarity, shape, current, position in relation to the landscape and individual terrain features and in relation to the future entrance door etc.),
  • The presence of neighbouring buildings including their sizes, shapes and distances from the planned house,
  • The location and type of infrastructure including roads,
  • Surrounding infrastructure type,
  • Ambient noise levels,
  • Birth dates of the future residents,
  • Beneficial compass directions for each of the residents.

The benefits of feng shui
Assessment workflow

Once you have chosen your plot of land, it is possible to:

  • Create a closed space inside,
  • Direct the flow of energy in a deliberate beneficial direction,
  • Eliminate or redirect any possible outside threat,
  • Reduce the amount of noise coming in from outside,
  • Create separate entrances for residents belonging to the East and West groups,
  • Align the entrance door with the appropriate compass direction,
  • Design/adjust the room layout, including the bedroom, kitchen, study and toilet(s) to be in the appropriate sectors.