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Pre-purchase/lease assessment

Feng shui potential in assessing a house or an apartment before its purchase or lease

The best time to employ classical feng shui is before signing a purchase or lease agreement. The assessment allows to determine the potential of the analysed site in the following aspects:
  • Will it support the residents in their efforts to achieve their life goals and tasks?
  • Will it be beneficial to their health, family relationships and social life?
  • Will the residents experience financial gains?

Classical feng shui takes the following into account:
  • Terrain forms,
  • The presence of water and its possible effects on the residents,
  • The presence of neighbouring buildings,
  • The location and type of infrastructure including roads,
  • Ambient noise levels,
  • Birth dates of the future residents,
  • Beneficial compass directions for each of the residents,
  • Erection date,
  • Planned date of moving/settling in.

The benefits of feng shui
Assessment workflow