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Urban planning

What do prosperous cities, settlements and suburbs have in common? Perfect energies and perfect feng shui.
Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong are examples where feng shui principles are used as early as in planning the layout of districts, residential compounds and other urban complexes. The result is an ideal life space, free flow of energy (qi), increased prosperity and improved quality of life.
A prime example of feng shui usage is the Mont Kiara district in Kuala Lumpur.

Designing space according to the principles of feng shui offers tangible benefits, including better health and welfare of residents, and increases their ability to achieve prosperity.

When planning settlements using classical feng shui, the following are taken into account:

  • terrain,
  • placement of roads (existing and future),
  • laying out paths and alleys,
  • locations of buildings and their alignments with compass directions and landscape elements,
  • the shapes of individual buildings,
  • the location and shape of surface waters,
  • vegetation.

The idea of feng shui does not in its principle contradict architectural concepts. This knowledge, which has been known since ancient times, can be combined in synergy with contemporary designs to provide optimum solutions in all aspects.