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BaZi (the four pillars of destiny) has been known since ancient times. This knowledge allows us to investigate a person’s individual potential using his/her birth data. BaZi calculation enables us to explore such aspects of life as family, friends, relationships, wealth, fame, career, or business partnerships. It allows us to understand one’s luck cycles and their influence on one’s life.

BaZi translates the birth date (year, month, day and hour) into four pillars (each of which holds two distinct Chinese characters), hence eight characters (called Jia Zi). These characters consist of the yin and yang variations of the five elements. Analysis is done by interpreting the interactions between these characters, mainly their compatibility, clashes and combinations. It determines the individual predispositions of taking actions (e.g. manager, creator etc.)

BaZi calculation:
  • Provides a profound insight to one’s life path,
  • Provides information on inborn personality characteristics and hidden talents,
  • Allows understanding one’s strengths and weaknesses,
  • Allows maximizing one’s personal and professional potential,
  • Helps in choosing the best career path,
  • Answers questions concerning relationships, marriage, wealth and health,
  • Helps taking informed decisions based on forecasts of one’s upcoming luck cycle.

    The knowledge of one’s BaZi:

    • Makes life easier, especially that this knowledge is 100% accurate,
    • Affirms a person in his/her actions,
    • Explains a person's behaviour,
    • Allows avoiding possible illness.

      If someone is intrinsically determined, has an inner drive and wants to achieve success in life, this may mean that this person also wants to change himself or herself. By analysing a BaZi chart it is possible to determine the appropriate actions necessary to perfect one's life and to find out which is the easiest path to take in order to achieve improved financial standing.